Founded in 1985 in Eskisehir, Turkey. Since its establishment, it has been operating in the export, construction, production, exhibition and mining sectors. Our Group consists of five affiliated companies, each specialized in its own field. Each of our companies is a leader in its sector with its specialized staff and innovative approaches. This diversity enables us to learn from each other and grow together. While signing every project we have realized and are realizing with an uncompromising quality approach, we aim for world standards at every stage and in all details.

Our Values

”The Cornerstones of Our Identity: Our Values”

User Orientation

We shape every decision according to the needs and expectations of our business partners.


We aim to be a pioneer in the sector by offering continuous development and innovative solutions.


We build a sustainable future by being sensitive to the environment and using resources efficiently.


We consider teamwork and the contribution of each individual as the key to success.

Ethics and Transparency

We adhere to ethical rules in all our business processes and adopt a transparent management approach.


Our Group Companies


"Representing the quality of Turkish production in the international arena and providing access to global markets." ​


"Implementing permanent and functional construction projects using modern construction techniques." ​


"Enhancing business collaborations and trade opportunities between sectors through international standard fair organizations." ​


"Leading the way in our industry by combining industrial design with aesthetics." ​


"Utilizing Turkey's natural resources with sustainability and ethical values in the mining sector." ​

Message from the President

Dear Business Partners, Dear Friends and Dear Colleagues,

The ideal of “Strong Türkiye, strong economy” serves as a compass for us. We know that every investment serves a great goal. While our unique geography offers us opportunities, it also encourages us to develop and expand new goals.
There is no task that cannot be overcome with knowledge and experience. We will move forward with confident steps with the creative dynamism of our young people and the guidance of our experienced team. We aim to quickly implement digital transformation. Being reliable, complying with our superior business ethics and honest working principles are among our most important goals. Reputable leadership and sustainable success are inevitable with the right factors coming together.

Adding value to our employees, customers, shareholders and business partners and creating common sense and unity of benefit will be among our main goals. We will continue our investments with the principle of sustainable development, an understanding of innovation and determination. We will continue to encourage global companies from abroad and abroad to invest in our country. Our goal is to capture new generation initiatives that are pioneering and sustainable in the long term.

Our common goal is to shed light on the future by increasing our new fields of activity and business lines in addition to the construction, mining, glass decoration, real estate, export and fair sectors with our investments. We have a long road ahead of us, I believe that we will achieve great success on this path together. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our valued business partners, colleagues and all our supporting stakeholders.
With my love and respect,

Sahin Bayram
Maximum Group Chairman of the Board




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 


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