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The World Exporters Association was established to add value to the Turkish economy and increase the country’s exports. The association provides its members with a wide range of services, including fair organizations, international cooperation meetings, training, and seminars. Additionally, it plays critical roles in promoting Turkey internationally and organizing significant commercial initiatives. 


Contributions of the World
Exporters Association

The association offers platforms through its branches worldwide where people can visit and obtain valuable information and resources. These branches provide ideal environments not only for information exchange and education but also for establishing local and international collaborations. 

Contributions of the
World Exporters Association

Export-Related Studies: Conducts research on exports, collects commercial information and statistics on domestic and international markets, and shares this information with its members. 

Foreign Trade Training: Organizes events, seminars, and conferences to increase Turkey’s export potential and educate the public. 

Consulting Services: Brings together local and global companies to support export development, offering consulting in trade, logistics, customs, certification, and more. 

Representation: Represents producers and exporters from across Turkey on international platforms. 

Collaborative Projects: Works with companies on joint projects and leads efforts to enhance partnerships. 

Collaboration with Other Entities: Engages in activities with similar associations, institutions, and private sector representatives to promote export development. 

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By joining the World Exporters Association (DİDER), you can help Turkish manufacturers and exporters become more competitive on the international stage. As a member, you will benefit from services such as international trade consultancy, marketing and promotion opportunities, international collaborations, and information sharing. 


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World Exporters Association World Exporters Association

National and International Projects

We develop projects for numerous national and international programs to support the globalization of our members. Through comprehensive training, seminars, and commercial collaborations on international trade, we help exporters enhance their knowledge and skills. 

By opening the doors to global markets, we bring our country’s local values to the world and make our voice heard on the international stage. 


The World Exporters Association organizes fairs to showcase Turkey’s export capacity and promote international collaborations. These fairs bring together domestic and foreign companies, enabling them to discover new markets and expand their partnerships. 

Training and Seminars

The World Exporters Association offers training and seminars to enhance the knowledge and competitiveness of its members. These programs provide the necessary skills for success in international trade. 

International Cooperation Meetings

The association organizes international cooperation meetings to help its members play an active role globally. These meetings are crucial for establishing strategic partnerships and expanding business networks. 

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By joining the World Exporters Association, you can contribute to making Turkish exporters more competitive on the international stage. 




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 


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