BYART Porcelain & Glass Decoration Company, with its factory based in Turkey, designs and produces decorative glassware. Our decoration processes, requiring precision and consistency, are conducted using computer-controlled machines. BYART adopts a philosophy of continuous improvement, fulfilling all requirements of the quality management system and continuously enhancing its effectiveness. 

Gold and Silver Bands

Gold and silver bands enhance the aesthetics and value of glassware. These bands, usually applied by hand, are elegantly placed on the glass. They are often used in various glass products, especially luxury and decorative crystal items. 

Glass Coloring

Glass coloring allows for glass to be produced in different colors from its natural transparent or colorless state. Colored glass is widely used in decorative glassware, stained glass windows, lamps, glass sculptures, and other glass art pieces. The coloring process highlights the character of the glass and makes the products more vibrant and appealing. 

Packaging & Packing

At Byart, we use durable packaging materials to ensure maximum protection against potential damage during transportation and delivery. Our materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Safe Production

The raw materials we use in production have been inspected and tested by accredited laboratories. The certification provided confirms that our raw materials do not contain any harmful heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, etc.). 

Quality Control

All our products undergo international quality control processes from production to packaging. These processes include material selection, design, production, and final product inspection. 

Raw Material Selection and Control

Our raw materials, which are the foundation of quality products, are sourced from leading suppliers in the industry. They are thoroughly examined and tested by accredited laboratories for compliance with health and safety standards. 

Pre-Production Preparation

Before starting the production process, designs and production plans are reviewed in detail. Necessary measures are taken at this stage to maintain quality at every step of production. 

Continuous Monitoring and Inspection

Throughout the production process, our products are manufactured using computer-controlled machines and are continuously monitored and inspected by our quality control experts. This ensures that each product meets BYART’s quality standards. 

Final Checks and Tests

At the end of the production process, our products undergo final quality control tests. These tests verify that our products do not contain any harmful heavy metals, are resistant to hand or dishwasher washing, and are suitable for long-term use. 

All our decorative products are manufactured by computer-controlled machines. Our products are suitable for hand washing or cleaning in a dishwasher. 




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 




 Mahmutbey, Öksüzoğulları Plaza, 2413. Sk No:5/31, 34218 Bağcılar/İstanbul 


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